• BEST Restaurants In Alberta Canada

    We spent an AMAZING week road tripping around Calgary, Canada.. making sure to stop in Jasper, Banff, Calgary and neighboring small towns.  I love exploring restaurants and good food options.  Usually when traveling with family I try to be mindful of budget but for this…

  • Top Travel Sites For Planning

    Whenever I’m in the planning phase of my vacations I use a number of sites for flight comparisons and price tracking.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again a day or hour can make all the difference in the world as it relates…


    Nothing says winter like a warm bowl of chili, which happens to be my winter favorite. Ingredients: pack of ground beef/turkey ( your meat of choice) brown & drain meat season and add chopped onions ( chop scallions and set to side for topping) In…

  • Top 5 Travel Rewards Programs

    At least once a week I’m asked what’s the best credit card to get for the points? or How do I travel for free?   I’ve compiled the  top 4  “goto” cards that I personally either still use or have used in the past.  I…

  • Top 10 Ways to Travel on a BUDGET

    The number one question I get from people just starting out traveling and sometimes from seasoned people who’ve traveled a bit and aren’t so new is HOW CAN I TRAVEL ON A BUDGET?  Everyone wants to find ways to maximize the experience while saving money.…