• upgrade

    Tips to UPGRADE your vacation

    There’s a few things that can separate a “good” vacation from a “GREAT” vacation.  It’s all about what you want and are willing to ask for.   Here are a few tips and pointers that hopefully will help you take your next getaway up a…

  • baddeal
    Around The World


    Is it a trap?  Not all “deals” are created equal or worth entertaining.  While I’m not sure exactly how these telemarketers get the information they do, I have to assume they pull their records from past timeshare visitors.  That’s a note of caution.  Don’t get…

  • travel-hack

    Top Travel Websites

    Whenever I’m in the planning phase of my vacations I use a number of sites for flight comparisons and price tracking.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again a day or hour can make all the difference in the world as it relates…

  • Blog

    How to spend a weekend in Los Angeles

    A Weekend in LA – In the name of “pre-gaming” before my recent travels which originated from LAX, I decided to fly in a day or two early and just wind down and amp up for the 20 hour flight that I had to look…

  • grouptravel2

    10 things to consider when planning group travel

    Whether you’re planning a trip with the girls, fellas, or family here are some important tips to help make the planning process more fluid.  As I’ve planned many trips over the years, here are some of the top things I consider and do before each…

  • Blog

    Whats new in 2017?

    It’s here and well underway.  2017!   I remember when we hit year 2000.  That seemed like a huge date and had such meaning and anticipation.   Y2K anyone?  People thought the world was going to end or some Apocalypse was going to happen.  The…

  • bucketlist

    The Wildest thing I ever did on Vacation

        I didn’t recognize this as a “goal”  initially, but I guess there is something to be said about foreign countries and what they bring out in me.   A few years back on a spontaneous whim I booked  a flight to Spain on…

  • tree

    Favorite Things 2016

    Now that we’re all stuffed and regretting the glutenous amounts of food we ate, while trying to figure out the fastest workout regimen to work it all off.  We move on to the next BIGGIE, Christmas.   This year more than ever I’m super excited…

  • Dubai


    As the year end is fast approaching…  I start to preplan my holidays/vacations for the new year.  This is time of year of prime for credit offers as most vendors want to capitalize off the holiday traffic.  To that end…  make the most of the…

  • roadsigns

    Visiting South Australia

    I love it when life far exceeds your expectations!  That’s exactly what happened on my trip to South Australia.  This trip of a lifetime  came about because I found a great “ERROR FARE” that was so cheap I couldn’t resist.  Without blinking I called my…