With  39 U.S. states, 30 countries and countless Caribbean islands under my belt I think it’s safe to say that I love to travel and I stay ready to fly when I see a great deal come along.  My preferred method of travel is by air.  I love to plan but there’s something pretty freeing about a quick spontaneous trip too.  I also enjoy learning about new cultures, adventures, fashion and food.  I promised myself that once I graduated college and started working I would see the world. I call it working hard and playing harder!   I started out frequenting the Caribbean back in the “show your Birth Cert and ID days”.  Once the rules changed and the passport requirement went into effect my mind and travel plans were kicked in high gear.  It was as if though the gauntlet was opened and the World was truly now my oyster.

Travel is just one of my many passions.. follow my adventures and be inspired to hit the road. #wheelsUp

Travel is just one of my many passions.. follow my adventures and be inspired to hit the road. #wheelsUp


The purpose of this blog is to share my travel adventures and experiences with my viewers.  I’ll point out what I learned, liked and disliked about each country/city, also where I stayed and feedback on the property and in some cases costs.  I believe you don’t have to be RICH before you can travel.  Travel opportunities exist no matter what the budget.  If you have to start small or local/state side it’s still a start!  Whether you travel solo ( like I did for many many years) or with family or friends my stories and experiences I hope will enlighten, motivate and encourage you along your travel journeys.

When I am not travelling the globe my hobbies include cooking( recreating dishes I’ve tasted while abroad), being creative where my alter-ego DIYGURL takes over.  I love interior design, construction and playing with power tools.  You can see videos and how-to’s  by clicking here  DIYGURL on youtube