Travelers Guide to Bali

Trending as one of the TOP tourist destinations it’s easy to see why Bali is on the list.  Known for its beautiful beaches, swings, massages, flower baths, food, night life  and affordability it’s almost a no brainer.  The first time I visited Bali some five years ago I went solo  with the second time being with a group of friends in 2019.  I must say the place has certainly evolved in that span of time.  Coming in at $2300 per person including AIRFARE from Los Angeles we stayed at  very fine, luxury villas with private cooks, housekeeping, private pool and driver for 11 days.  Did I mention that price included excursions as well?   That’s getting the most bang for your buck.

What you need to know before you go to Bali


Getting Around

It’s important to note that  public transport in Bali doesn’t exist.  The use of private drivers is the mode of choice for most.  Private transport runs anywhere from $40-$55 USD daily  for 8-10 hours.  It’s recommended to arrange transportation from the airport to your accommodation via your host, especially if you have a late arrival.  Upon arrival  while still at the airport be sure to grab a local  SIM card.  There is no UBER/LYFT however Grab or Gojek are the local equivalent.   You can also use these apps to  order food.  Another option are scooter/moped rentals.  It’s important to note the roads are narrow and locals drive really fast.  While I’m thankful I didn’t see any accidents I definitely saw many a banged up and bandaged tourist who had suffered an accident or two.  PROTIP: Get travel/medical insurance if you are going to rent mopeds.  Actually it’s probably a good idea in general.


Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the local currency.  Most US banks allow you to order this foreign currency and have it delivered within 24 hours, another option is just to visit a currency exchange at the airport.  Credit cards are also widely accepted  around the island.   PROTIP:  While using Credit cards will work at restaurants and shops, I’d recommend getting local currency for tipping, paying drivers, local markets and such where credit cards aren’t accepted. 


HOT & HUMID.  The weather varies from HOT to Warm and slightly cool in the evenings.  It’s also quite humid ( makes for a bad hair day)..  Speaking of hair..  it’s probably best to keep it simple.  Protective styles and pony tails are your friend.   PROTIP: I suggest getting an early start on your excursions in an effort to beat the heat of the sun.   I recall being drenched with sweat by 10 a.m.  Stay hydrated as well.

What to pack?

Lite flowing Maxi Dress


Ladies I suggest keeping it lite.  Maxi dresses are the order of the day!  PROTIP: Long flowing light weight dresses make for great pics on the swings!  Pack comfy shoes like sandals and sneakers as you’ll be doing a lot of walking and while you’re at it.. throw in some water shoes for the waterfalls and walking along the beaches.  Men are easy… casual shorts and tees.  No need to get over fancy in apparel it’s a very laid back place.

Staying Connected


Bali is home of many Digital Nomads  and because of that technology infrastructure is solid.  WIFI exists EVERYWHERE.  While I have an International calling plan with my phone carrier ( Verizon) which costs roughly $10/day, I chose to get a sim card just because.  Sim cards with data are relatively inexpensive coming in around $7.

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