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8 tips to plan your Iceland trip

  Don’t over think it.    Iceland is the land of Fire and Ice and unpredictable weather..    The best thing you can do is study the weather a few weeks before you go.  Get ahead of the rain or the storms.  It’s as simple as googling these keywords “WEATHER ICELAND MARCH” etc.  We went in January which is the winter which means wear warm clothes.  There’s no mystery there… you’d do the same if you were visiting NYC or…

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Blog Iceland

Shop The Look Winter Fashion and Function

What most people envision when they think winter sports and activities is the usual stuff, snowsuits, ski pants, boots, gloves or mittens and scarfs.  We think about just renting gear and clothing from the local ski shop.  Everyone looks…

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BEST Restaurants In Alberta Canada

We spent an AMAZING week road tripping around Calgary, Canada.. making sure to stop in Jasper, Banff, Calgary and neighboring small towns.  I love exploring restaurants and good food options.  Usually when traveling with family I try to be…


Top Travel Sites For Planning

Whenever I’m in the planning phase of my vacations I use a number of sites for flight comparisons and price tracking.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again a day or hour can make all the difference…