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BEST Restaurants In Alberta Canada

We spent an AMAZING week road tripping around Calgary, Canada.. making sure to stop in Jasper, Banff, Calgary and neighboring small towns.  I love exploring restaurants and good food options.  Usually when traveling with family I try to be mindful of budget but for this trip we threw the budget out and just went for broke and I’m glad to say these food options didn’t disappoint. First up was Fiddle River…  located in the town square of Jasper, the restaurant…

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Fun Facts about China

It’s always interesting to learn little historical nuggets first hand about a country.  During my hour or so drive to the Great Wall my guide “Sue” cleared up some misconceptions I had and heard about the Chinese culture, dispelling…

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Hong Kong’ing or bust

I’ve made it to HongKong. First impressions … it feels like Manhattan with a twist of California with the windy cliff roads that make me nauseous, yet its picturesque like Hawaii with lush greens and mountains. So I’ve decided…