The Most commonly Asked Travel Question

Why do you travel so much?

As a child I’ve always been naturally curious about everything.  My family always took annual vacations to Disney which was great but very predictable.  I wanted more as I knew there was a big world out there even as a youngster.  Once I graduated college and could afford to not only make my own travel decisions, but fund them as well away I went.  I love meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and just have become quite passionate about seeing the world and all it has to offer.  I will admit I’m a bit partial to warmer climates so I have to work on incorporating the cooler spots into my travels.


Why did I start the blog?

I wanted to bring the world as I saw it to others.  Hoping to inspire and help people see that although the perception is that traveling is expensive ( it can be just depends on your taste) but it really can be done affordably as well if you take the time to research, plan properly and scour the internet for deals. This type of preparation can score you BIG savings.  My goal is to increase awareness around travel for the millenial’s and older, people in my age group as well as African Americans.  I hope to encourage people to step outside the box of their home towns, state or country and  live BIGGER and OUT LOUD. Don’t be afraid to roll solo or grab some friends… just GO!

What’s my favorite place to date?

My favorite place is a toss up between Bali and Africa ( anywhere in Africa).  They are completely ying and yang.  People would really be surprised at how affordable Africa is.  It’s a huge continent and I plan to discover it all.  The food is excellent and so flavorful.  So rich in history and culture, I get excited to learn about the various tribes and how their traditions carry on today.  Africa is also very kid friendly, another question I get asked about often.  There’s something for everyone in the family to see and do.  Greece on the other hand is just sinfully gorgeous.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen water quite like that.  What I found interesting about Greece is that it’s seasonal.  The “season” begins around April, peaks in June-July and starts to taper down in Sept.-Oct. for tourist.  The food as you would expect is to die for and the people are so embracing.

How did I come up with the name RandomlyRasheeda?

By profession I’m and I/T consultant. I also am a licensed Realtor, self proclaimed DIY’er with many projects and stories to tell along that front. I also enjoy cooking, which is typically inspired by my travels with a “Rasheeda-twist” here and there.  Lastly if not first I love LOVE love to travel.  With there being so many facets of me it only made since to name the blog Randomly Rasheeda.  It suits me and encompasses all the things I’m most passionate about.

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