AFRICA Zanzibar

Connecting with Kindred spirits

For those who ever thought traveling solo was scary or you are apprehensive. While in Zanzibar the other day I met these melanin beauties and we’ve been hanging out ever since! The connections are real and we will forever be friends!

We live worlds apart but share a common passion for travel

When you meet some hella cool chicks from around the globe while on a boating excursion. You keep the love fest going and have dinner then meet up the next day and spend the entire day together!

I’ll say it til I’m blue in the face.  Nothing ventured nothing gained!  Traveling solo is a REQUIREMENT for me at least once a year!  It’s my time to escape the madness of life at home as a mother, coworker and spouse.  I use to time to just be!  I love solo travel because you don’t have to be on any one else’s schedule.  You can come and go as you please when you please.  There’s no considering others likes/dislikes or needs. If you want to spend the day sitting in the room starring out the window for example that is perfectly fine!  If you wanna be a dare devil and try unique foods or do random wild adventures you’re free to do so.  HOWEVER the most gratifying part of solo travel is getting to me other solo travelers.  On my 4 day trek through Zanzibar I did just that.  Met a wonder group of women from all over ( Qatar, Israel, and London). We started out as strangers and ended up forming a bond and now are forever connected.  We still communicate via social media and I do hope to visit each of their countries and sync up with them during one of my travel escapes soon.

In the video below I talk about overcoming fear of traveling solo.


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