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8 tips to plan your Iceland trip

  Don’t over think it.    Iceland is the land of Fire and Ice and unpredictable weather..    The best thing you can do is study the weather a few weeks before you go.  Get ahead of the rain or the storms.  It’s as simple as googling these keywords “WEATHER ICELAND MARCH” etc.  We went in January which is the winter which means wear warm clothes.  There’s no mystery there… you’d do the same if you were visiting NYC or…

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Shop The Look Winter Fashion and Function

What most people envision when they think winter sports and activities is the usual stuff, snowsuits, ski pants, boots, gloves or mittens and scarfs.  We think about just renting gear and clothing from the local ski shop.  Everyone looks…

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International Street Style Pt. 1

Flying and Fashion goes hand in hand to me.  I try to pick fashion that makes statements and blends with my environment.   When traveling to Beach destinations I also try to make swimsuits with phrases of the country.…

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Gastronomy of Sweden

  If you’re an American the first thing that comes to mind when you say Sweden is of course IKEA. While right there is so much more to Sweden. The family and I took a winter getaway trading in…