Randomly Rasheeda Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Where did you go to College?

I attended Georgia Southwestern State University – Americus,Ga

What was your degree in?

I majored in Computer Information Systems. I received of Bachelors of Science degree

What do you like the most about the Technology field?

I love to tinker. I’m very analytic and love to troubleshoot. These strengths have proved invaluable in my positions throughout the years. I enjoy fixing whats broken from a software/application perspective. Seeing the end product work is very fulfilling.

How did I come up with the name RandomlyRasheeda?

By profession I’m and I/T consultant. I also am a licensed Realtor, self proclaimed DIY’er with many projects and stories to tell along that front. I also enjoy cooking, which is typically inspired by my travels with a “Rasheeda-twist” here and there.  Lastly if not first I love, LOVE, love to travel.  With there being so many facets of me it only made since to name the site Randomly Rasheeda.  The name is me, it encompasses all the things I’m most passionate about in one.

Why did you choice Technology?

I chose computers on a whim. No other program at my school interested me so I decided I’d give this new and evolving ( at the time) field a shot. It’s proven to be more than I ever imagined and has allowed me the ability to travel and see the world.

How much money can I make in this field?

The answer is … it depends. While the field as a whole can be quite lucrative, the amount of money you can make varies based on variables such as..

  1. position/title
  2. years of experience
  3. certifications ( some areas ex. networking value certifications)
  4. contractor -vs- permanent employee
  5. your ability to negotiate
  6. knowing your worth/ market value