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Fun Facts about China

It’s always interesting to learn little historical nuggets first hand about a country.  During my hour or so drive to the Great Wall my guide “Sue” cleared up some misconceptions I had and heard about the Chinese culture, dispelling the myths and clearing up facts.

In recent years the Gov’t has lifted the 1 child only ban to 2/household.  If you have more you get taxed. Don’t pay your taxes and you’ll have to face the consequences. I also learned that the reason why most couples will only have 1, maybe 2 kids is because the parents have to

1. Pay for the marriage

2. Pay for kids college

3. Take care of the grandkids

4. Buy the newly weds a house as well.

Most people can’t afford to do these things multiple times so that money factor makes the decision all the more easy.  I’m still cracking up about the “tax” thing for having kids . Lastly women after delivering aren’t allowed to wash for a month post-delivery. Something about sweating and pores being open.

  1. My kids would quickly find out that  American “social media” was banned in the country along with Google.

The locals have to use Gov’t regulated/imposed forms of media.

6. Internet access in the mainland is extremely slow.

7.  There are “western” toilets and  Native “holes”

8.  Carry extra tissue, wipes, and sanitizer ( you’ll thank me later)!  These items are either scarce or non-existent.


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