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If you’re an American the first thing that comes to mind when you say Sweden is of course IKEA. While right there is so much more to Sweden. The family and I took a winter getaway trading in our light weight winter jackets here in the states for snow boots, scarves, hats and heavy coats. We were off to discover what ever adventures were in store for us in Sweden. We would focus on Stockholm and work our way around. We called it our Christmas European tour.

From Swedish meatballs to whiskey sours.. I was completely in love with Swedish food and drink

About those Meatballs 

In out quest to find the best meatballs we meandered downtown to a great little quaint restaurant.  Quaint and small with seating for maybe 30 people there was standing room only on the inside and a line forming on the outside.  Hungry and ready to eat we ordered up just about everything on the menu.  Salmon soup and Meatballs would do the trick for me.   I have to say I was NOT disappointed.

In honor our last moments in Sweden 🇸🇪 I figured why not have a vodka cranberry… given it’s home of Absolute. So about this Whiskey sour… dude/Micke made it using egg white. 1 part whiskey + 1part sugar syrup +1/2 fresh squeezed 🍋 + 1 fresh egg white =shake n sip. It is delish!!! Egg whites?? Who knew??? And just like that I get back to the room and spill the whole glass! REALLY????? Oh well on to drinking my hot tea.


Comforts of home

For those craving the comforts of home…. we found MacDonalds.   Sometimes after being away from home for a long period of time your taste buds just crave grease, burgers, fries, pizza, chicken..  any comfort foods of home to satisfy the urge.  The interesting thing I find about “American” food chains abroad is that the product offering is different.  I recall being in NICE, France where the MacDonalds had an actual bakery inside and coffee bar.  Ahhh the smells coming from that place.   We placed our orders and enjoyed the closest thing we could find of Americana, my taste buds thanked me.


Checking In –  It wasn’t by happenstance that I managed to book our hotel in the town of Solna, a good 30 minute or so drive outside of downtown Stockholm..  In fact one of the main reasons I booked here was because not only is the Winery Hotel a hotel but its also a winery.  They offer pre-booked tours for adults and families.  Of course the kiddos don’t drink wine but they get to hear and learn about the wine making process and their even gifted a special kid drink for being good sports. 🙂   I would definitely suggest heading out of the city and checking out outskirts.. there’s good stuff happening there!


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