6 tips for group travel


Whether you’re planning a trip with the girls, fellas, or family here are some important tips to help make the planning process more fluid.  As I’ve planned many trips over the years, here are some of the top things I consider and do before each trip.

1. Come up with a budget.  ( Understanding the financial limits will help you successfully plan excursions, lodging and travel expenses)

2. Seek out like minded people.  ( There’s nothing worse than a  ” Negative Nelly” or 10)  You minimize drama and increase expectations when you all are on the same page and have a common interest of travel.

3. Be sure to collect all monies due in advance.  It’s all about respect and courtesy.

4. Establish the rules. When you establish the terms and rules up front you’re giving everyone potential group member an opportunity to make an informed decision as to proceed or not.

Ex. rules:  No refunds, if you show up late you will be left, no whinning, be prepared to pay for meals, etc.

5.  Establish the leader.  Depending on the size of the group it will be really important to establish leadership early on.  Ex.  Who’s in charge of finance, planning committee, transportation, excursions.  You’ll thank me later.  When you’re working with a smaller crowd of fewer than 5 typically one person assumes all roles and becomes the main point of contact.

6.  ROOMATES. There’s a part of me that likes the element of surprise, meaning not knowing who my roomie will be but on the other hand there’s great value in at minimum having a conversation in advance and if possible meeting ahead of time to establish synergy and likemindedness.  Do you have commonalities, like the same tours, early riser, all nighter type.  Once you’ve solidified who’s going connections should happen soon thereafter.

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