How Do I . . .

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How Do I …?  Is a group I created categorized as “SELF HELP” but so much more.   I wanted a to create a platform where people could be free to speak, share ideas and realities.  The group is a place of inspiration, motivation and empowerment.

The Group is open to both  men and women.  We information share and discuss  real life topics such as

Bankruptcy, Foreclosures, Real Estate, Career, culture and more in a visual way via video.  We have varied guests and subject matter experts to present on the subject of their expertise.   I encourage engagement with thought provoking topics and questions.   We have themed days such as  DIY/home improvement Saturdays, Cocktail hour on Fridays and more.

Feel free to pop in and check us out.  You are encouraged to share the group with your friends and peers.

The goal is to be a resource for all things HOW DO I? If you have a question about a specific topic post it or ask if. I will seek to find an expert to help answer your question. This space is designed to be encouraging, inspiring, informative and most importantly fun! We take life seriously while having fun!