5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Bali Villa

With so many options available and each equally appealing in it’s own way it becomes harder to determine which property will make the best fit.  Not all villas are created equal.  Make sure you know all the facts before committing to a vacation rental.  I’ll outline the criteria I had in ultimately choosing the villa(s) for our group in Bali. Determine  and consider the Wants/needs, likes/dislikes of the group.  What’s the purpose of the trip, to hit the city and party…

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8 day Bali Itinerary

People ask me all the time if I use a Travel Agent or Plan my own vacations.  The answer is… I painstakingly plan every detail by myself.  I’m not as “strict” or regimented when it’s just me traveling solo…


Nusa Penida – Itinerary

Nusa Penida Itinerary This excursion requires an early morning start but it’s sooo worth it! EXPLORE WEST SIDE OF NUSA PENIDA ISLAND PRIVATE TOUR – AVAILABLE EVERYDAY . HIGHLIGHT :  ➖ Kelingking Beach  ➖ Broken Beach  ➖ Angel Billabong …


Top 7 Fave Restaurants in Bali

The first time I traveled to Bali I went solo and was basically “intro’ing” the country.  I had 3-4 days to see what I could ( which wasn’t much) given that short length.  I could only focus on one…


Travelers Guide to Bali

Trending as one of the TOP tourist destinations it’s easy to see why Bali is on the list.  Known for its beautiful beaches, swings, massages, flower baths, food, night life  and affordability it’s almost a no brainer.  The first…