Women of STEM

Minor-I.T. was developed as a passion project by creator Rasheeda Williams.  Determined to change the picture and face of Technology and what mass media presents as imagery of the STEM fields, Minor-I.T. was born.   The project started out by highlighting Minority women in STEM careers and sharing their collective stories of how they came to discover their roles, the challenges women and minorities face in the STEM fields and some biographical information about themselves.

The goal is to create a connection with the readers with the ideal demographic being youth between the ages of 12-19.  These premier women each bring not only their unique stories but career roles and goals to our viewers.  We want the youth to see that minority women do work in the STEM fields and have long term successful careers in the business.  While each of these women are individually unique they also are  very similar in some of their experiences, roles, discoveries, realities, passions for the field and breaking barriers.    Minor-I.T. is simply about creating a renewed awareness and interest in the STEM fields by creating connection and real life examples of minorities in  STEM roles that youth can identify with.   Click the names below to read each woman’s bio and connection to Technology/Sciences.  



Lashonda Minter

Dr.Nancia Leath

Amy Belford

Tonya Shipman

Myrna Hunt Young

Dawn Woolcock

Rasheeda Williams

Susan Horton

Marketta Wright

Pam Reid

Khadijah Okoh

Donella Smith