Meet Myrna Hunt-Young ..  Myrna started her career as a programmer and has held several positions in the field since then.  Today she works in Project Management.  In her own words…  “Early in my career I was normally the youngest and the only female.  When making the choice of the Technology field I did not realize the doors it would open for me.” 

My parents were both in the education field.  My mom was a teacher then went on to be a principal.  My father worked at an aptitude testing company which was started WAY before standardize testing was the norm. I have one sister and she is my best friend as I have been with her since birth.  I am a twin and I am the youngest, love pointing that out!! I grew up in the Chicago area in a family that instilled the importance of education.  To the point that I did not know there was anything else to do accept to go to college.  We traveled the States every year and I got that traveling bug. While growing up I did have dreams of being a teacher, doctor, or even lawyer. When I realized being a doctor or lawyer I had so many years of school, I that was not my calling. Being a teacher did not appeal to me as I realized the pay scale was not was I wanted unless I did MORE school. During my time in high school the computer was just starting to get popular. I started taking coding courses and realized I like it. However, the only positions I knew about was programming. Off to college I went.  I choose to major in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration. 

I graduated from Rust College in Holly Springs, MS with a 3.6. Once I graduated I got a position in the Chicago area programming. I held the position for a year and realized that living in the Chicago area was not for me anymore so I moved to Atlanta where I continued programming for 10 years. From there I realized programming was a bit intense for me and found other fields in the IT world. I have been in IT for 20+ years now.  I have held several positions and most of the time enjoyed them all. I’ve worked in fast food (yes, they have I/T positions), healthcare, sales force automation, banking, and airline. Early in my career I was normally the youngest and the only female. It goes without saying that I was the only black female. When making the choice of the Technology field I did not realize the doors it would open for me. There have been challenges as too, as the IT world is dominated by males. However, I have been able to overcome them. Being in the I/T world I have been able to travel the states and abroad as well. When people ask what I do I sometimes fall into the saying oh I am a programmer and yes, I get the look. Over the years I did get married and had a daughter. While not in the office I enjoy going to church and working with the school band.  My daughter is in the band and of course I am active in everything she does. I am also an active member in the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. Yes, I am that I/T woman, along with being a wife, mother, an active person in everything that comes my way, along with working in the I/T world.