• Transit Visa in China

    My first visit to China almost didn’t happen due to 1 BIG oversight.  I didn’t do my research enough to realize that U.S. citizens need a visa to enter.  Back then 2012 the process was to purchase multiple entry visas.   Having realized that at…

  • Stuck in the Bush of Tanzania

    Today was supposed to be a fun day of exploration.  I was so super excited because today was the day we were headed to the “bush”.  The bush is similar to going “down under” in Australia.  The bush is where I plan to meet and…

  • Slave trade in E. Africa

    My trips around the world are part, well a lot of fun but I also like to infuse history and culture into my adventures as well.  While informative I was also very saddened to learn about the slave history that existed in Zanzibar.  Zanzibar while…