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    How to Nail a Photoshoot

    meetPhotographer Know your body:  Find your angles. No matter what outfits you choose knowing how to work the outfit is important.  Find that physical feature that makes you YOU and work it!  Example I have Big eyes, long neck and legs.  The way I work…

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    Top Places To visit Near Banff

    After seeing such wonderful photos on social media I knew one day I would come to Banff to see this gorgeousness for myself.  Well the time had finally come.  You’ll find this weird but I literally traded/cancelled tickets to sunny warm Montego Bay when I…

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    Why You Don’t Have To See Everything At One Time

     As an avid traveler I have to say I fall prey to this notion just as much as the next person.  I write this post not only for you as a reminder to slow down and breathe but to myself as well.  In a society…


    5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Bali Villa

    With so many options available and each equally appealing in it’s own way it becomes harder to determine which property will make the best fit.  Not all villas are created equal.  Make sure you know all the facts before committing to a vacation rental.  I’ll…

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    International Street Style Pt. 1

    Flying and Fashion goes hand in hand to me.  I try to pick fashion that makes statements and blends with my environment.   When traveling to Beach destinations I also try to make swimsuits with phrases of the country.  It’s my way of paying homage…