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I’m your host Rasheeda aka   RandomlyRasheeda. and I’m  Unapologetically ME REAL RAW AND RANDOM.  I want you to walk away thinking  That’s So Random.. but I like it!  We’re gonna go there on some of the  toughest life impacting topics that most people are too afraid to be transparent or vulnerable to share.  Curating content on topics such as   love, marriage and divorce, finances, life, career, hot topics of pop culture and more. No topic is off limits.  That’s why I’m RandomlyRasheeda. 

Life is like being a Teacher and Principal all wrapped up in 1.  providing life lessons & skills and also kicks us in the ass  to keep us on track! I believe its important to be transparent to help and encourage someone who may be going through the same or similar situation.   You know that saying… Each one Teach one?  This isn’t just another Sister Girl podcast but rather a podcast for Men and Women , young and old.   Nothing fancy, overdone or sensational.. just keeping it real and random.  

I believe everyone has a story and I’m going to start by sharing mine.  Some shows I’ll roll solo and others I may have a guest or two, some you may recognize and others.. just good ‘ol regular degulars like me! .  Enjoy the episodes and be sure to leave a review and invite a friend because sharing is caring. 


You can find me on Linktree and IG @realandrandompodcast    Remember your best and brightest days are ahead !  – Rasheeda