Rolling Solo in Zanzibar day 1

Having falling in love with the continent of Africa, I’m determined to visit as many of it’s countries as possible.  With South Africa under my belt it was time to tackle East Africa.  This trip’s agenda would include Kilmanjaro and Zanzibar.   I’d fly from Delhi, India through Ethiopia for a quick stop before reaching my final stop, Tanzania.  For this leg of my itinerary I flew on Ethiopian Airlines.

Arrival Day

Let me 1st say BOY WAS IT HOT!  Upon my arrival at the hotel I was warmly greeted with smiles and admiration and instantly made to feel welcomed. My bellman later revealed that workers were fascinated and in admiration of my dark skin. He says you don’t see a lot of dark skinned people or specifically women anymore. He says the women try to lighten their skin. He went on tell me about his dark skinned cousin who married an Italian man (Zanzibar in certain parts is a haven for Italians). He later divorced her because she lightened her skin, the thing that had made her beautiful to him was no longer. That explained all the snickering and murmur upon my arrival.

The beautiful old world buildings are breath taking


Zanzibar – Stonetown lives up to its name with warm weather temperatures, beautiful beaches, cobbled stone streets, rustic buildings rich in character and old world charm and beautifully ornate door styles. The varied styles represent the multitude of diverse ethnicities that form this majority Muslim state. Known primarily as the center of the now abolished Slave trade.

Zanzibar is also famously known for its spices. Cumin, cloves, cinnamon, ginger to name a few. I was able to visit the spice, chicken, seafood and veggie markets. These markets are crowded and from a “Western culture “ perspective would be deemed unsanitary. Flies lighting on the fresh raw meat and cats bobbing weaving trying to scrounge for and scrap or morsel that just may happen to fall. I’m particularly surprised by the volume of cats I see here vs the odd 1 or 2 I saw in Arusha. I guess this limits my ability to enjoy things like eating out doors because I can’t with cats! Take a look/listen to the videos to discover more..

Check out some scenes from the town.




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