Top travel sites


It never fails that when I post a good travel deal or error fare  (who doesn’t love a good one of those), almost immediately I’m asked how did I find that out?  Well here’s the real deal.

Whenever I’m in the planning phase of my vacations I use a number of sites for flight comparisons and price tracking.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again a day or hour can make all the difference in the world as it relates to booking flights.  There are a handful of sites that I often refer to for travel deals.  See Below:

  1. Secret flying:  This site is good for seeing error fares and airfare sales in general

  2. Scotts travel:  I subscribe to this site for fresh off the press travel deals and error fares as well.  I get these notifications via email.

  3. Skyscanner:  Very helpful if you’re not sure or flexible on your days.  The site allows you to search by a specific date or month range ( a feature I have grown to love).

  4. Google flights: Very similar to sky scanner but gives you a good window into up coming pricing as well.  It boils down to a matter of preference.

  5. Hopper app:  This is app is not one that I use with any regularity or frequency.  Some people swear by it so I thought I’d include it.  What I do like about this app is it’s ability to predict flight price changes.  The app will tell you the likeliest of times when the fares may increase or decrease.   Try it and share your thoughts. 

  6. Momondo:  Last but certainly not least this site is great for scouting prices.  What I do enjoy about this site is that where skyscanner for example not show flights for every carrier known to man (domestic/international), I find that momondo does seem to capture the not so everyday BIG name carriers that are more well known.

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