Top 7 Fave Restaurants in Bali

The first time I traveled to Bali I went solo and was basically “intro’ing” the country.  I had 3-4 days to see what I could ( which wasn’t much) given that short length.  I could only focus on one part of the country.  What I do remember about that trip was that the food was AMAZING! I knew I’d be back I just didn’t know when or how long it would take.   Well fast forward 2 years later and I was back, this time with my “crew” in tow ( 4 of us total).  I inked out a plan and it worked!  The plan included, FOOD of course, swings, spas, ricefields, waterfalls and private villas.  Now that’s a recipe that few people could refuse.  This 2nd time around I planned to take the island by storm focusing on 2 regions.  Ubud and Canggu/Seminyak.

While we loved the pampered Villa life where staff waited on us hand and foot and made virtually whatever we requested we needed to get out on the town and see what gastronomic choices were out there.  I’ve compiled a list of my fave 5 restaurants.  In no particular order here they are.


  1. Titi Batu

When we initially pulled up I thought we were going to some affluent gym/sports facility.  Deceptively in part that was true but this place had much more than that to offer.  Located in Gianyar ( close to UBUD).  This place is not only trendy/chic but also super sexy and fun  as well as KID FRIENDLY.   The vibe feels like a Miami Beachclub.   Did I mention the food was DELISH?   While not a huge menu the offerings were varied you definitely get your moneys worth and will walk away full.  NOTE: Happy hour is between 4-6 where drinks are BOGO.  SCORE!  we were in drink heaven!

2. Hog Wild – Kuta

I love barbecue and I know good barbecue when I see it, smell it , taste and let me just say… if you’re a foodie and a barbecue lover you need to put this place on your list.  The service was amazing, people were friendly and the food was great not to mention the price for what all we had.    So great we came back twice ( something I try not to do even if the food is good because I like to explore as many restaurants as possible), but sometimes ya just gotta circle back!  We went for lunch and again for dinner.  Oh, and be sure to order a “shaken” drink so you can participate in the “shake it” dance!  lol  Let me shut up and let you just drool over these food pics.



3.  Warung Dewa Malen – Ubud

We simply said to the driver .. we’re hungry we want something good to eat and like a good local driver he delivered.  Immediately upon arrival we ( ladies) were greeted with a flower that was placed just over our ear.  The setting was relaxing overlooking yup you guessed it Rice fields.  The menu was a hodge podge of flavors from Thai to Bali.  The food came out and not word was spoken.. we all engrossed in the meal and the local alcohol beverage akin to “moonshine”  known as Aarack but lip smacking delish.  Strong if drank straight but delish when mixed with juice.   Feast your eyes on this spread.

4. Cooper Kitchen & Bar – Ubud

Looking for ambience, rooftop, great drinks.  Cooper Kitchen checks all the boxes.  The rooftop is swanky and chill while overlooking the rice fields you can also catch an amazing view of the sunset.  Off the beaten path this restaurant was perfect.  Come early if you want to get a seat on the rooftop.

5.  Shrimpis -Kuta

I have to say after experiencing such AMAZING cuisine while not bad this was my least favorite… maybe because I was cold and annoyed because I was super hungry.  I list this place because the food was good I was just tired.   Centrally located amongst many food options we just randomly walked in a ate. A condensed menu the product offering was meager.

these scallops were sweet tender and juicy! Never had fennel salad but it was delicious.

Shrimpis Kuta

6. Echo Beach Club – Canggu/Kuta

Now this spot right here…  a seafood lovers dream!  With views overlooking the ocean we arrived after sunset watching and listening to the crashing waves.  The mood as well as setting was perfect.  It was early evening so not quite packed with people but within the hour we were there the place became packed.  The menu is simple.. pick your fish or meat ( they serve steak and chicken too) all grilled fresh, pick a combo and then move down to the free “salad” bar of sorts.  Once you’ve picked and paid move on down to the bar and select a drink(s).   If you’re looking for waterfront and great food this is your spot.

7.  Batuan Resto – Ubud

Just wanna keep it light and casual this restaurant checks off all the boxes too.  I tell you I really had no bad food in Bali and did I mention it was all inexpensive!  Our driver just hit all the hot spots and we loved it.  This restaurant too overlooks rice fields but as a bonus you can perch up and take picks in the birds nest or swing while you wait for your food.

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