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Whenever I’m in the planning phase of my vacations I use a number of sites for flight comparisons and price tracking.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again a day or hour can make all the difference in the world as it relates to air fare and getting the best price and best deal.

It’s important to note I don’t receive compensation for these sites so I won’t post links but feel free to google them.  These are sites and email lists that I personally use for tracking flights, rates and deals.


  1. Secret Flying – This site is a blog that publishes daily flight deals, error fares and scores of other travel related deals and information.   It’s one of the first places I look to discover whats hot and trending.  I also suggest starting here for travel inspiration.  Many people are looking for the best deal and cheap travel deals which is exactly what you get here.
  2. Travelzoo –  Publishes travel deals and vacation packages.  While I’ve never booked through the site it has given me inspiration and and idea of what to expect to pay from a price point perspective.  To get to the “juicy” stuff you’ll have to opt in with your email address.
  3. Groupon Vacations –  Great Site for those looking for vacation packages.  The site offers a range of domestic, theme and International vacation options for solo and group travel.
  4. Skyscanner – Great site for searching and comparing flights.  I use this site religiously to plan and concoct the BEST route of travel at the cheapest price.  If you’re travel plans aren’t etched in stone and a bit flexible you can play with the “take me anywhere” feature and not specify a destination to see what flights are available from said origination point.
  5. Momondo – Another great site to explore flight deals.  The major difference I’ve noticed between skyscanner and momondo is that  some carriers ONLY show up on Momondo vs Skyscanner and vice versa.  It’s a good idea to play with both tools.
  6. Scotts Travel – An email subscription that emails you scores of HOT travel, vacation deals.  It is an email subscription service so you’ll need to opt-in with your email address
  7. Hotels Tonight – I love this app!  This app is great for the spontaneous folks like myself or even the planner travel types.  The app is designed to provide heavily discounted last minute rooms at hotels that range from 2 * to  5* at prices that are most often cheaper than the rate you’ll get off the hotel website or by paying at the counter.

Most travel newbies need a place to start their travel adventures.  The sites provided aren’t the only places to shop but are very widely recognized amongst avid/seasoned travelers.  Always do your research before booking or making a travel decision.  If you are in a travel group(s)..  do searches within the page to see if anyone has gone to said destination the information there is priceless BUT it is opinions so take it for what its worth.    Be sure to bookmark these sites and download apps as help aides when planning your next trip!    If you’ve used these or have others to suggest drop a comment below.

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