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Warm Kale Scallop Salad

This is a healthy meal that can be prepared in 30 minutes time.

Ingredients are simple

  1. scallops ( season and pan sear the number of  scallops needed).  Depending on the size of he scallops I’d suggest 4-5 per salad, per person.
  2. Use either  ready made packages of quinoa/brown rice (microwave ready in 2 minutes) or prepare your own stove top version to be set aside until ready to be topped on salad.
  3. In a steamer place kale with stems removed and cover.  – Sprinkle a dab of salt to taste over kale while it’s steaming.  Steam for 2-3 minutes.  The goal is to tenderize the kale not have it soggy.  Leaves should still be firm.  Once steaming is complete, rinse kale in cold water to slightly cool
  4. Combine all ingredients starting with the kale as the bed.  Top with carrot straws( for color); quinoa and scallops.
  5. Enjoy

**** EXTRAS ****

You can sauté green onions and mushrooms to add weight and flavor to the quinoa

Feel free to experiment with seafood options.  Pictured I combined Scallops and shrimp

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