Chasing WaterFalls In Bali

While Bali may be known for Flower baths ( which are amazing and relaxing) and swings don’t overlook the several hundred waterfalls in Bali.  As part of a recent itinerary I wanted to be sure to take in as many as I could.  I’ll be honest and say you’ll have to walk to get to the falls but its sooo well worth it.  Don’t get discouraged by the hike… but be prepared.. wear light clothes and walking shoes and if you want bring water shoes too.

Dedari Waterfall

After a morning of massages we decided to hit the town and chase waterfalls.  First on the list was Dedari Waterfall in nearby Bangli. Neatly tucked away it takes over 100 down hill steps to reach the fall.  Not to worry you’ll be entertained along the way by the beauty of colorful flowers and  a ship like structure made out of bamboo that makes for a great “selfie station”.   It felt like a little slice of heaven.


Located in the Ubud village yet another hidden waterfall exists.  This one called Tegenungan.  Once at the bottom feel free to enjoy a dip in the rocky pool.  If you get hungry feel free to climb up to the restaurant atop the waterfall.

TekadCepung Waterfall

This had to be my favorite and the most sexiest of the waterfalls we saw in Bali.  I was determined to get to this waterfall.  Likely the most Instagrammable of waterfalls this waterfall doesn’t disappoint.  It’s a hike for sure so you’ll want to stay hydrated and bring water but as I’ve said before it was soo worth the hike down the narrow yet steep steps.  Be mindful this waterfall closes at 5pm.  ProTip: come early.. at opening time.  This waterfall gets extremely crowded and fast.    The good news if you aren’t the first to arrive is that there are a few restaurants with “FREE” toilets ( you’ll appreciate that if you read the above) to grab a very tasty inexpensive bite from.

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