South Africa

Africa is a definite MUST SEE continent.  Not only is it relatively cost effective to fly there but the American dollar goes a very long way there as well.  Accomodations are priced just right which speaks to the cost conscience traveler.    Africa is place for the romantic at heart, singles, families and groups large or small.  There’s something that will appeal to most all sensibilities.

apartheid museum

The Apartheid Museum is a MUST SEE. Amazing historical experience.

History buff ‘s will enjoy SOWETO, taking in the Nelson Mandela Museum and Apartheid Museum to name a few.

Children and family can enjoy ziplining  at AmazingZwing  while watching the beautiful natural surrounding below.   Once your done ziplining only a few miles away check out the Elephant Sanctuary in Hartbeespoortdam.  Get up close and personal with these larger than life animals.  Learn about their lives and sensibilities.  It’s quite the experience for all.


For the Gamblers visit the ever so fun and beautiful sun city.  It’s where Las Vegas meets South Africa.

Off the beaten path check out NorthCliff Eco Park.  The best panoramic views in the city.  Unique in its own way is 12containers, an establishment made of railroad box cars.