China, another country I can now check off the “bucket list” is a country rich and full of culture and history all it’s own.   I’m definitely waiting on a good fare sale to come around as I’ll definitely go back, this time with kiddos in tow.  As an avid tea drinker I was right at home sipping on tea at the various tea houses.  Learning the “proper” way to steep and sip was quite an experience.  The various types of teas were also of interest.  The Chinese have teas for everything, from wellness, healing to weight loss. You name it and there’s probably a tea for it.

My itinerary included the following stops  Shanghai to Beijing and lastly Hong Kong.   All very appealing and interesting in their own right.  Beijing in certain places was a bit smoggy.  According to my tour guide it was much worse before the now famed “BIRDS NEST” was built for the Olympics.  Having won the Olympic bid China started moving most of the factories and industries to the outskirts to try to help minimize the smog.  The roads are crammed full of motor bikes and lanes although marked just really don’t exist.  It’s all about getting there.

With so much to see and such a little time to see it all I focused on some of the BIGGIES. 

  1. Tienemen Square
  2. Emperors Palace
  3. Great Wall of China
  4. Temple to Heaven
  5. Forbidden City
  6. Wall of the dragons


Interesting Nuggets:

  1.  I found the language easy to pick up on.  However the written language… Forget about it. 
  2. Outside of stares people were pretty friendly.
  3. Definitely bring money to get custom clothes made… you’ll regret it if you don’t
  4. Although quite smoggy… the air was pretty breathable.
  5. I like American Chinese food better than China-Chinese food
  6. I am taller than the majority of the population
  7. I couldn’t get used to the drop hole system of going to the restroom.